About Us

EACOM is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions across NSW. At EACOM we leverage the intelligence of today’s advanced technologies with a wealth of in-house expertise and prescient vision, positioning us as an undisputable leader in the field.

With 20 years’ experience our stand-alone and integrated systems ensure clients have customised solutions designed to optimise business operations now and for the future. From consulting and design, technology deployment and integration through to maintenance, we provide an innovative and seamless service. A collaborative environment, with trusted client relationships allows us to help you improve organisational efficiency through in-depth needs analysis, licenced risk consulting and enhanced communication and security technology.

Our capabilities extend across a broad range of services and solutions, a diverse range of industries and provide you access to world leading sustainable and innovative technologies. Clients range from home owners, small to large businesses, Government, manufacturing, healthcare and industrial sectors.

At the helm of EACOM there is a specialised team of managers who all maintain EACOM’s reputation for reliability, responsiveness and technical ability.

EACOM’s product portfolio is comprised of four complementary solutions; security, communications, healthcare technologies and fire services.

  • Security – High-value tailored security solutions.
  • Communication – Integrated communications systems including wireless solutions. Partnered with leading product manufacturers.
  • Health Care Technologies – Custom designed integrated Nurse Call and Health Care Communication Systems.
  • Fire Services – Fire and life safety system services, needs analysis, equipment training.
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